how many days periods last


Apart from many myths on periods, many are confused about¬†How Many Days is A Normal Period Last? Women’s Menstrual cycle, a normal phenomenon that tells the balancing of hormones among females. Typically it is vaginal bleeding that comes every month and lasts for a few days only. Periods are somewhat a basic sign of fertility and start between 11-14 years to the age of 51. Menstruation silently tells about your development (physical maturity) of body and readiness for pregnancy. In this lining of the uterus, thickness and an egg grow, released in one of your ovaries. Today, as the technology goes far every day, tracking and keeping records of the Menstrual cycle, is also easy. The basic is you need to understand your periods, time ovulation, and other changes. Even if you missed your periods or have unpredictable bleeding than normal, also consult to the professional gynecologist if it is…