Privacy Policy

We, at Bestcare tips, assure you of privacy. All the information that we collect from you is kept in encrypted form. Under no condition, we sell or exchange any of your private details with other organizations.

All the information is used to identify your needs and likes to cater to customized content to you.

Every time you browse our web site, the server which stores the web pages queries for the network address of your computer.

After acquiring the network address, the requested content (web page/audio/video) is forwarded to your browser. Each computer on the internet is identified by a unique network address known as the “IP address” and is sent automatically you request for some resource on the internet.

Using a computer’s IP address, one can determine its physical location in the real world.

We store this address but never sell them to any third-party. Cookies are also collected to enhance your experience and serve customized content. You can clear cookies at any time from your browser cache memory.

Electronic Communication and Limitation of Liability

When you open in your browser, send an e-mail or give us some suggestions, you are connecting electronically. You agree to get offers from us electronically.

We will get in touch with you by e-mail or by posting notices on the site. You agree that all understandings, notification, exposures that we give to you electronically fulfill any legitimate necessity that such correspondences be recorded as a hard copy.

In no condition, bestcaretips private limited will be responsible for any damage or damage coverage, which is inflicted either directly or indirectly in relation to the site or by any inability of an individual person involved in the operation.

Intellectual Property Rights

The Bestcaretips Intellectual Property is completely valid and is in effect immediately. Bestcaretips has no information on the presence of any patent, trademark, competitive innovation, know-how, or other Intellectual Property Right possessed or constrained by an outsider that would expect in any material manner Bestcaretips from promoting information all over the country.

Laws Applicable

This understanding and relation between you and Bestcaretips will be represented and interpreted as per the Laws of India regardless of its conflicts.

You thus irreversibly agree to the jurisdiction and courts in Delhi, India, in all questions emerging out of or identifying with the utilization of the website and its services.